About Us

As an independent Interior Designer, I’ve spent the last 21 years working with clients on large scale projects designing, furnishing and renovating numerous homes. Over 10 years ago I became an aunt again for the third time to my adorable little niece.  Soon after, I found myself spending countless hours hanging out with her and experiencing her world of play and make-believe.  One day while playing with play-dough we were creating a little house and she told me how she wished she could have a special house to play in. I then decided to design a unique little cottage for her which my contractor built on site in her backyard.  She loves playing for hours in her little house by herself, with her friends and the neighborhood kids.

With very few options for quality, custom playhouses available, I realized the need for unique playhouses and created Wish Upon a Playhouse to satisfy the families and children of Colorado. With four unique styles to chose from, there is a playhouse sure to delight any little boy or girl.  We also specialize in creating any custom playhouse that you can dream up.  We can replicate a miniature of your family home or design and build an Awesome Fort, Cozy Cabin, Victorian, Firehouse, or anything your little child’s heart desires!

Why buy a Wish Upon A Playhouse

At Wish Upon a Playhouse, we take pride in the quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail we provide our customers.  We build safe and durable playhouses using only quality materials which are built to last.  Our playhouses are not sold as kits and there is no assembly required for the buyer.  There are no costly expenses involving freight or delivery charges, cranes, or any additional materials to purchase. Our skilled contractors handcraft each playhouse on site in your backyard complete and ready for your child to enjoy!

We are a locally owned business who works with each individual customer to ensure personal service and customer satisfaction.  Our goal is to create and handcraft the perfect playhouse for your child to create a lifetime of lasting memories.

Thank you for visiting our website.  Feel free to browse and learn more about our playhouses, and contact us for more information on how to initiate your playhouse order today!