Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your playhouse will not leak. However the doors are not completely watertight and a wind-driven rain may bring a trickle of water into the house.

No our playhouses are handcrafted and built on site by master craftsmen.  There is no assembly required by the owner, freight charges, additional materials to purchase or costly cranes involved.

After your deposit is received, and a schedule has been set, a standard playhouse will take approximately three to five days to complete. Custom playhouses lead time will be determined by their scale and design.

Yes there are usually two to three color schemes to select for the exterior and one for the interior.  We suggest selecting from the Benjamin Moore ® color palette the choice is yours.

Yes you can increase or decrease the size of your playhouse.  The order then becomes custom and a price change will be determined based on the size difference.

Yes the windows are all single hung with tempered glass and screens.  The Plexiglas window in the front door of The Cottage and The Sweet Shoppe are not operable.

Yes we can design a miniature of your home or any custom style you can dream up.